Sunday, October 21, 2007

Care to swap with me :)

Hi all!

Found the cool website-Gimme Your Stuff. It's very interesting and I love to collect nice stuffs from overseas. Hope anyone come across my blog will swap their nice stuffs with me! :)

What I would love to receive:
-Chocolates & candies from your country
- Household deco stuffs
-Your nice, artistic photography pics
-Stationeries (especially letter-pads, notebooks & stickers!)
-Small purses/wallet/pencil case
-Tote bags
-Tees with a funky design
-Magazines from your country
-Magazines (food, photography, music. fashion, fashion designing)
-Books(any book which you think it's worth reading!)
-Vintage/Retro Accessories (E.g Necklaces, earrings, belts/sashes)
-Anything you'd love to share with me
-Surprise me!

What I'm willing to share:
-Food from Singapore
-Magazines from Singapore
-Cute stuff (:
-Cute keychains
-Hair accessories
-Mixed cds
-Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings
-Cute erasers
-Anything as requested, I'll try my very best to get for you. :]

I'm looking forward to exchanging stuff with you! So please don't hesitate! Do drop me an e-mail/a comment if you're interested in swapping stuff with me! My e-mail address is Hope to hear from you soon! ;)


Nic said...

Hi Luppy,
Yes i would love to do a swap with you. I have just send you an email :)

Elisa said...

Hi Luppy,
Yes can a swap with you.
I have just send you an email :)
Best regard!
ELISA fron Italy

Audrey said...

Hey hi!
How are you ?
I'm Audrey from France!
And I'd like to be your swap or pal!!
Hey look at my blog

Audrey said...

I added you on msn..
Talk to you soon :)

Lenny L said...

Hey! I'm Lenny from New York... would you like to swap? Send me a comment or email if yes!

Plume said...

Hi Luppy!

You left a comment on my blog ages ago about this swap thing.
I'm sorry I didn't answered sooner but I have a first swap in progress now and I was waiting to recieve my parcel before begining anything else...
Actualy, post is slow and I haven't recieved it yet, but if you are not in a hurry, we could think about swaping...

You can write to me at

agnetha said...


I'm Agnetha from Sweden. Would you be interested in doing a swap with me? Contact me at: (


Anonymous said...

hi, if you want to swap with me write to
i attend!!!!

Franciskella said...

Hy my name is Francesca and come from Italy..
Do you like swapping with me??

This ara my profile..

Contact me... ^^

Anonymous said...

hi!i would like to swap with you,if you want =P

Yummy Mommy Mia and Daddy Al said...

Hi there,

I'm from Canada and would love to do a swap with you...

You can look at my swap page here:

Belgium said...


My name is Cindy and I'm 24 years old from Belgium.
I read your post and would like to trade with you!

I can offer :
- viewcards, souvenirs, stamps from Belgium
- local candies/chocolate/cookies
- magazines (fashion, cooking, crafting)
- lots of scrapbooking supplies
- beauty products/makeup/accessories/jewellary
- stationery items, mostly Diddl & Friends
- Other things you might be interrested in

I'm looking for:
- mostly kawaii stationary/stickers/decotapes/gelpens
- mostly kawaii dolls/soft toys/stuffed animals/amigurumi
- local candies (small amount)
- a fashion magazine
- small amount of jewellary/asian beauty product and/or soze S cute top/t-shirt

Please let me know if interrested!


Anonymous said...

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